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Share how to take care of a beautiful new silk nightgown

by Lani Silk Admin 19 Apr 2023

Silk that is cool in summer and warm in winter is chosen by many women. And silk nightgown is also popular with women. In the past, only the aristocracy could wear this material. Partly because it's expensive. Partly because it is difficult to maintain. Do you need your own laundry service? Lani Silk shares with you the secret of soft silk nightgown care right here.

How to wash silk nightgown?

How to take care of the new silk nightgown beautiful and wrinkle-free

Wondering if you have taken care of your silk nightgown properly? Follow our simple instructions right here:
Use suitable washing powder for silk nightgown
Lani Silk knows how complicated it is to take care of delicate items. Therefore, we will reveal to you how to protect the best silk nightgowns. That is to choose the washing powder with the mildest detergent ratio. You can even use your shampoo to clean soft nightgowns.

You can use your shampoo to clean the soft nightgown

Instead of the complicated and expensive dry cleaning method, you can hand wash the product with gentle detergents. It helps remove stains but still protects the silk's soft surface. At the same time, it does not destroy the natural protein component in the material. It's great, isn't it?
Wash the nightgowns in cold water
Do you have a habit of using high temperature to remove bacteria in clothes? Quit this habit right away with silk. It will make your beautiful silk nightgowns shrink and weaken. Even warm water will destroy the natural protein structure in this material.

Remember not to soak them in cold water for more than 5 minutes

Therefore, wash your beautiful silk nightgowns by hand in cold water. Remember not to soak them in cold water for more than 5 minutes. You just need to gently rub your hands at the dirty spots. Sounds difficult when the winter is cold? Although hand washing in cold water requires a little more effort, it will keep the silk's smoothness and color longer.
The best way to dry silk nightgowns
Do you have a habit of drying clothes? Are not. Silk will not withstand the effects of high temperatures. It is extremely fragile and prone to irreparable damage if you put silk nightgowns in the dryer. After washing, squeeze out excess water and gently shake the dress.

The best way to dry silk nightgown is to put it in the shade

For best results, dry silk nightgowns in the shade. Do not expose them to direct sunlight as it will fade and damage the fabric. In addition, you should not use a hair dryer to dry silk nightgown. The silk fibers will shrink and deteriorate.
And finally…
And finally… Wear them! Silk has the ability to slightly crease after each wash. Of course, that's also the nature of it, but you can still prevent this by wearing them. Silk is a natural fiber and the oils from your tender skin will help soften it after washing.

You can still prevent silk from creasing by wearing them

If you can't put it on right away, you can use a steam iron. Or lazy, you can hang it in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The hot steam will help the silk stretch and straighten slowly. It really saves effort, isn't it!

When do you need to wash silk nightgowns?

Silk is a natural material loved by the elite. They have natural antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-fungal and sweat-absorbing functions. In addition, the softness and charm of silk also helps nightgown to attract women. She will be more radiant, sexy and attractive with dresses made of this material.

You don't need to wash silk nightgowns too often

If you only wear silk nightgo