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Tips for caring for silk pajamas set womens

by Admin Lani Silk 03 May 2023

Soft and smooth silk pajamas sets are always loved by women. Silk gives you a good night's sleep and is suitable for sensitive skin. This material has been loved since ancient times. But many people do not know how to take care of silk pajamas set womens. Do not ignore the tips that Lani Silk shares below.

has been a favorite soft material since ancient times

Do not soak silk pajamas set womens

Many people think that soaking clothes will help soften the stains and make them easier to clean. But it is not true for silk. Therefore, when taking care of silk pajamas set womens you should note, do not soak them in water or soap.

Do not soak silk fabric for too long in tap water or soap

Because soap or tap water contains a negative charge. Meanwhile, in silk contains a positive charge. They will combine with each other and create a gray precipitate that adheres to the silk surface. Inadvertently, you have made your silk pajamas more dirty.

Tips for washing silk pajamas set for womens

To keep silk pajamas set womens clean and long-lasting, don't forget the following tips that Lani Silk shares:

  • Gentle washing: The fibers in silk will be deformed, lose their natural softness and have a shorter lifespan with strong friction. Therefore, do not forget to wash them as gently as possible.
  • Do not wash for a long time: Wash silk pajamas set womens as quickly as we turn our backs on our ex. We should wash them quickly and not soak them in water for too long.

Wash your silk pajamas set womens as gently as possible

  • Do not leave too long: Many people have the habit of leaving clothes for a few days to wash. But for silk, you shouldn't do that. In our sweat contains salt, it can make silk appear yellow stains if left unwashed for a long time.
  • Choose washing powder: Choose washing powder for silk pajama set womens also need to be careful. You need to choose a mild detergent because silk is acidic like human skin. You should use neutral detergent (such as shampoo or vegetable and fruit detergent).

Add a little vinegar to the water to soak silk sleepwear

  • Should add vinegar: To keep the color of silk pajamas set womens bright, don't forget to add a few drops of vinegar to the water and soak your clothes after washing.

In addition, you should dry silk pajamas with natural wind and should not dry them. To keep the color of silk clothes, you should wrap them in dark paper. Silk is light and creases easily, so it should be stored separately when placed in your travel luggage.

Silk pajamas should be dried by natural wind and should not be dried

Where to buy quality silk pajamas set?

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