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Why are silk pajamas expensive? It's worth it?

by Admin Lani Silk 14 Apr 2023
For both the young and the old, nothing can be more comforting than a deep and pleasant sleep. Drifting into distant lands, bringing wonderful energy into the body. Revitalizes the body and refreshes the mind for a great morning. That is also the reason many people choose silk pajamas. So why is silk pajamas set expensive? Is it worth it? Lani Silk will share with you soon.

Why is silk pajamas set expensive? Is it worth it?

Learn about silk material

Want to know why silk pajamas are expensive? Lani Silk shares with you the following most complete information:
What is Silk?
Silk is a natural fiber created from silkworms. Silkworms eat mulberry leaves in the wild and produce silk. The tradition of silk weaving dates back to ancient China. And today, it is widespread in many Asian countries. Silk is considered a luxury material with its ultimate softness, beautiful colors and excellent breathability.
Silk is a natural fiber created from silkworms at a high cost
How much do silk pajamas cost?
Silk pajamas are a perfect choice for those who like soft, light and wrinkle-resistant materials. It is suitable for people with sensitive and easily irritated skin. At the same time, this is also the material recommended by doctors for people with skin problems.
Many custom-designed silk pajamas sets cost up to thousands of USD

You can find silk pajamas sets for prices ranging from $70 to $300. Of course, this price can be much higher with individual designs. Even, many silk pajamas models cost up to thousands of USD

Why are silk pajamas expensive?

There are quite a few reasons why silk pajamas are expensive. It can be said that it is the material favored by the Royal Family. And here is the reason:
Expensive production costs
As mentioned above, silk is produced from nature. It needs very high production cost. Those are silk threads that are pulled into a cloth and made into clothes. The process of raising silkworms, taking silk and weaving fabrics takes a lot of time. Not only that, one also has to go through an elaborate manufacturing process to create a perfect finished product.

The cost of making a set of silk pajamas is quite expensive

Many great advantages
Silk is usually very soft, anti-wrinkle and absorbs light well. The light luster and charm of the material gives women great charm and attractiveness. Not only that, silk is also known for its excellent moisture absorption and breathability.

The material is soft and very absorbent

One can wear silk pajamas all year round. It is breathable and absorbent for hot summer air. And it also helps you feel warmer in the cold winter. In addition, the softness of silk reduces irritation and helps prevent the skin from drying out or itching.
Natural colors bring elegance
Silk pajamas are expensive because of its softness. It gives you a smooth feeling on your skin. If other fabrics can cause discomfort or scratch the skin, silk is completely the opposite. It gives you a feeling of being pampered and pampered in both the quiet day and night.
Good for users' health
Silk pajamas set is a great choice for your health. It gives you a good night sleep and sweet dreams. Silk's smoothness and softness make you more comfortable than ever. Not only that, it also protects your soft skin perfectly.