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How to wash and care for short silk nightgown

by Admin Lani Silk 16 May 2023

Natural silk is considered one of the strongest and softest fibers in the world. It is also an extremely fragile material and requires special care when cleaning, drying and storing. If you own a short silk nightgown, don't ignore how to clean and care for it that Lani Silk shares right here.

Short silk nightgown is loved by many women today

Is short silk nightgown machine washable?

Short silk nightgown is fully machine washable, but that is not recommended. Silk is a fragile material and doesn't tend to get along well with the constant spin of a washing machine. If you want to wash silk nightgown in the washing machine, choose a gentle wash program with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. And don't forget to equip a mesh bag to avoid the risk of damaging the silk.
If you are a silk lover, you should know a type of washable silk nightgown. This is a fashion favorite nowadays. Because, you can machine wash comfortably with this material. Of course, you need to choose a gentle wash with cold water to ensure the best product quality.

The best way to wash silk nightgown shorts

Gentle and graceful silk nightgown shorts are always loved. And here is the best way to wash this fashion item.
Does silk fade?
Silk is a very dyeable material. You can easily find silk nightgown shorts with beautiful and vivid patterns. However, the print may still be damaged. Therefore, you must test its durability before washing your lovely silk nightgown.

Silk is a very good dyeing material

The easiest way to check is, wet a small area of fabric with water (It's best to choose an inconspicuous place if something goes wrong). Next, take a cotton swab to soak the wet area. Gently press, do not rub, you will see if the cotton swab has colored residue or not. If the cotton swab is clean, you can continue washing silk nightgown according to the instructions below.
How to effectively treat stains
Before washing silk nightgown short, do not forget to treat the stains. Silk stains should be treated as soon as possible. The best way to effectively treat stains is to use a 50/50 mixture of detergent and water. Then, soak a cotton swab in the solution and gently rub it over the stain.
Repeat the same process on the back of the silk. And don't forget, handle everything as carefully as possible. Look for detergents that are specifically designed for silk or delicate materials. Stay away from all-purpose cleaners or strong detergents.
Hand wash with silk nightgown
Want to wash your short silk nightgown by hand? To make sure your silk fashion items stay clean and durable, you can choose to hand wash them. Make sure your sink or sink or basin is thoroughly cleaned. Fill it with cool water. Note, cool water is not too warm or too cold.

The maximum silk soaking time is 30 minutes

Add a mild detergent to the water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Soak your silk nightgown for a few minutes, don't soak for too long. Rotate your dress slightly in the water to ensure that all areas are covered with water.
The maximum soaking time is 30 minutes. You just need to lightly rub your beautiful dress. After that, quickly take the nightgown silk short outside, drain all the soapy water and pour in clean water. Gently swirl your garment a few more times with water and repeat the process if necessary to remove detergent residue.|
The best way to dry silk nightgown
Silk nightgown shorts won't need a dryer. First, you need a clean towel to absorb the moisture of the dress. Place the dress on the towel, roll the scarf with the silk inside up and press down gently. Repeat the process with another clean towel if necessary.

Silk nightgown shorts won't need a dryer

After removing the silk nightgown from the towel, lay the silk flat on the drying rack. Place the silk drying rack in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. You only need 30 to 60 minutes to dry your beautiful silk dress.
Above is the most detailed cleaning instructions for short