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Which type of silk is best for silk pajama dress?

by Admin Lani Silk 15 May 2023

Silk has the perfect ability to regulate body temperature. You don't have to worry about waking up in a wet sweat every summer day. It also helps keep your skin wrinkle-free while you sleep. So which type of silk is most suitable for silk pajama dress? Let's learn more about silk types in the following article.

What type of silk is most suitable for silk pajama dress?

Types of natural silk used in textiles

Did you know that there are many types of silk? Find out by reading the information we share below:
Mulberry Silk
Mulberry silk is an optimal material commonly used in the textile industry. In particular, the design and garment industry is very fond of this material. Of course, silk pajama dresses made of mulberry silk are also very popular. This is a soft yet very durable material.

A seductive nightgown from Mulberry silk material loved by many ladies

Mulberry silk is ranked among the highest quality you can find in the world. It accounts for about 90% of silk production worldwide. Mulberry silk is produced from silkworms that eat mulberry (Thrives in China and some Asian countries). A seductive nightgown from mulberry silk material loved by many ladies.
Tussah silk
Tussah silk is a material created from a wild silkworm. It is found in abundance in India, China and Southeast Asia. These silkworms feed on a variety of leaves from oak, eucalyptus to juniper. Tussah silk also produces a variety of colors, from light beige to dark brown.

Tussah silk has a very unique texture and is coarser than others

Tussah silk has a very unique texture. It is not smooth, but rough and uneven. It is often used to make outerwear and home textiles. If you are looking for unique and luxurious textured silk pajama dresses, this is the perfect material.
Eri silk
Eri silk is also created from raised silkworms. The process of processing silkworms to get silk and create fabric is done very elaborately. It is a great choice for silk pajama dresses. Silk is breathable and does not generate static electricity, meaning it won't cling to the body after a long night.

Eri silk is also created from raised silkworms

Silk silk has a glossy finish that looks quite like satin, however it is much softer than satin. If you are looking for a soft and long-lasting silk dress, silk silk is the perfect choice.
Silk Muga
Silk Muga is a symbol of luxury and royalty. It has a warm honey-gold color and a fine, delicate texture. It is also known as the golden silk of Assam. It is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm Antheraea Assamensis. This is a species of wild silkworm found mainly in the Garo hills of Assam in northeastern India. This is also a material produced exclusively in this area.

Silk Muga is famous for its durability, breathability and very lightness

Silk Muga is famous for its durability, breathability and very lightness. Smooth gloss and natural yellow color are the characteristics of the material. It is hypoallergenic to the skin and is a practical choice for nightwear. However, it is extremely expensive. Most people who buy silk Muga nightwear usually use it for a special occasion like a wedding.

Best material for silk pajama dress

Among the above materials, Mulberry silk is the best for women's pajama dress products. It is highly breathable, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, comfortable, and helps regulate body temperature well. At the same time, mulberry silk also keeps your skin dry and comfortable while sleeping.

Silk pajama dre